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A steed
for Don Quixote

Behold Sancho, I have finally found a suitable steed for my quest to the Festival of Omega, said Don Quixote.

Congratulations sir. This is indeed a formidable beast. Where did you find him? asked Sancho, his squire.

I met a man of noble bearing and impeccable integrity at the market. He had spent half a lifetime training horses of war, but due to circumstances beyond his control, was temporarily reduced to assisting at the poultry counter. 

I see, said Sancho, putting his forefinger to his lip. And did he say this was a horse or a chicken?

I don't recall that we discussed the fine details. But he did assure me this beast was sired by the best and bravest of horses, in line with Pegasus himself.

Well, he does have wings. There’s proof of something.

Exactly, Sancho. But the important thing is he has heart. He’ll stand true, even in the din of battle or against the most dreadful of fire-breathing dragons. Just look into those eyes. You’ll see his calm intelligence backed with steadfast determination.

Hmm, said Sancho. To be honest, they look like glass beads glued to a stick. But what do I know about steeds? By the way sir, do you like roast chicken?

Yes I do, Sancho. Why do you ask?

One virtue I see in this steed is that he’ll be able to supply you with plenty of meals.

So you do agree this is a resourceful animal?

Certainly sir, said Sancho. This animal will be an important resource on your quest, if you start to get hungry.

You should say ‘we’, Sancho. I will need your loyal assistance on this quest. We will travel in company and meet all the dangers and tests of courage together, said the knight.

Hmm, well actually sir, things are very busy around my house these days. I am overloaded with many important matters that need my attention. 

I understand Sancho. You feel that you have many obligations that you cannot possibly meet, that your responsibilities have become overwhelming, out of control?

Exactly, sir.

Sancho, this exactly the reason you need to go to the Festival of Omega.

Excuse me? I don’t understand.

Life moves in cycles, Sancho. Cycles within cycles. When one cycle ends, another begins. The Festival of Omega is an end point, a destination, where one cycle comes to a close and everything is resolved. 

That may be so, sir. But I’m afraid if I go on some crazy quest, just leave all my responsibilities, things will be worse, not better, when I return.

I don’t know about that, said the knight. I only see that your life is out of balance. You need to bring this cycle to a close. Once you pass through the Omega at the centre of the Festival, then you may start a new cycle and start again fresh. Besides, it would get you out of the house for a few days.

Hmm, said Sancho. Now that you put it that way, there is wisdom in what you say. I believe you are right, sir, that is what I need to do. I would be honoured to assist you on this quest.

I am happy to hear that, Sancho. You will not be disappointed. But there is much work to be done before we leave. I need you to shine my armour and sharpen my sword. My luggage needs to be packed. The steed needs to be fed, watered and brushed. Can you perform those duties as quickly as possible?

Yes sir, said Sancho. Right away sir.

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