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The Scientific Journal
of Captain Zimrod

Entry: Yluj 12th 1020

Today in my observations of the fixed stars I noticed, with some consternation, that some apparently do not remain fixed. That is, they appear to shift their positions relative to other heavenly bodies. This is contrary to the accepted facts, or at least not explained in the academic journals. The scientific establishment will not be happy to hear this. Tomorrow I shall make further observations and check my calculations twice.


Entry: Yluj 11th 1020

A new set of celestial observations show the same results as yesterday. A significant block of stars is moving in relation to the others. Yet, in relation to each other, they are stationary. It is as if the Great Dome of the Sky were divided into two parts, which are sliding past each other. Tomorrow I shall try to measure the size of these two sky sections.


Entry: Yluj 10th 1020

Last night in a dream, a new theory of the universe came to me. My mission now is to test this theory and elaborate its nature. In my dream I saw that there is not one Htrae, but two. The second Htrae also turns on its axis, but in the opposite direction from Htrae. Let us call this second body the “Earth”.


Entry: Yluj 10th 1020

New celestial observations show that the Htrae and the Earth both have their own sets of stars above. One set of stars is a mirror image of the other. They turn with their set-mates as if fixed to separate domes that fit one inside the other. I cannot tell which is the inner dome and which is the outer. Perhaps that could be the subject of a separate investigation by one of my students, if I had any.


Entry: Yluj 9th 1020

It seems certain that the Htrae and the Earth have the same centres. That is, they co-exist in the same space. Yet we do not observe any collisions of matter, and the inhabitants of each “world” are not aware the other. This is also not accounted for in the academic journals; we are charting new scientific territory. I believe an important waypoint on this journey will be to contact the inhabitants of Earth and ask them to testify to the truth of my theory.       


Entry: Yluj 8th 1020

Extrapolations of the celestial movements show that certain stars from different worlds do align at points in time. Therefore, we can assume there are points on Htrae and Earth that align at those times as well. My task now is to identify those places and times, then be on site to observe the circumstances.


Entry: Uluj 7th 1020

Further calculations show there is only one point on Htrae where alignment with Earth will occur. It is a meadow between the sea and the mountains, on the east coast of South Acirema. The alignment will take place in one week’s time, during an event known as the Festival of Omega.

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