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Paddling to the
Festival of Omega

In my dream I was paddling in a canoe. It was a large ocean canoe, with perhaps a dozen other paddlers, although I couldn't see their faces. I recognized one paddler beside me, padding on the opposite side, my neighbour Stardust. How I came to be in a canoe with Stardust, whom I hardly knew, I have no idea.

The ocean was rough and windy. Cold spray hit me repeatedly in the face. We were quickly approaching a rocky shore with tall trees along a cliff top, but I couldn't see any place to land. I started to worry.

"Don't worry," shouted Stardust through the wind, as if reading my thoughts. "Our guide knows the way. We're going to the Festival of Omega."

We came close to the shore and saw surf crashing on jagged rocks. Our guide stood at the bow and pointed towards a crack in the wall. In another minute I saw a narrow opening in the rock, like a doorway. Our steersman turned towards the entrance. The paddlers stowed their paddles and gripped the gunwales anxiously.

With the next swell, the canoe was lifted and thrown between black rock pillars. Their sharp edges seemed like claws ready to slice our canoe to pieces. But we glided into a wide, calm and sunny logoon. The paddlers turned and congratulated each other with handshakes and hugs. 
"It was a gentle birth," said Stardust, smiling. "And now we have arrived."

We landed the canoe on a beautiful white sandy beach. I could hear drumming and music behind a curtain of trees. People welcomed us and helped pull the canoe higher up the beach. They gave us garlands and cool clear water.

"Now it's time to join the circle," said Stardust.

I walked with Stardust and the other paddlers into the forest. We reached a wide path crowded with people and joined them walking towards the music. The people were dressed in all kinds of wonderful costumes. They had apparently come from all parts of the world, also from different periods in time. They were all laughing and shouting to one another, happy to be meeting here again.

On the other side was an open meadow with a large bonfire in the middle. On one side was a jumble of tents and small sheds with carts and tables, apparently a market. On the other were platforms where musicians and acrobats performed for small groups. I wanted to stop to watch, but Stardust guided me towards the fire.

We joined hands with a line of people around the fire. Some people left the circle, others came, so the circle kept changing and reforming, but it remained encircling the fire, turning slowly around it. Heat from the flames felt good, and it felt good to be connected with the other people here.

Stardust and I walked one complete turn around the fire. We stepped outside the circle and Stardust pointed to an archway beyond the fire. It was shaped like a large omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet. 
"There is the destination," said Stardust. "When you walk through the omega your journey ends and your new journey begins."

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