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in sight

Ladies, look up! said the mother mermaid. Fine gentlemen are passing overhead. Comb your hair. Straighten your scales. Sing to them sweetly and show how much fun it is here in the water. 

The gentlemen must be tired after all their labours in the air, she said.  Invite them down here to rest a while. Let them enjoy our company as much as we love theirs.

We may visit for a while, but ladies, don’t forget we are creatures of the sea. You may dream of flying through the air with a gentleman in a marvelous machine. But those will only fade away when you wake. We must always return to the sea.

Gentlemen, said the expedition leader, observe a wonder of creation: mermaids are swimming below. Let us pause a while to study these beautiful creatures and learn their ways.


See how their silvery skins sparkle in the waves. Listen to their lovely voices. Their songs remind us that we are all children of love under heaven. 

But do not forget that we are also men of the air. We may visit these lovely mermaids for a while and appreciate their company, but we cannot live in their element very long. We must return to the air and continue our journey.

Aeronauts, said the balloon head, we will now descend to take new bearings from the magnetic interactions of love. High in the air we can travel great distances, but easily lose our direction without influence from the Earth.

Closer to the ground we feel the push and pull of many forces, motivations of every kind. We slide along the isobars of emotion, between attraction and rejection, finding the middle course. That way lies our destination at the Festival of Omega.

Aeronauts, do not be disappointed that we cannot carry away any of the wonders along our path. You will see them again. They are all on their own course, moving faster or slower, to the Festival of Omega.

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