The festival of Omega is an Online festival that tales place ones a year. It is a celebratory moment for everyone, as it is the rebirth of the soul and people alike. Creatures and beings from all over the world, the galaxy, and the multiverse may come down to this sacred spot to walk through the Omega portal, and be reborn into a new person that they desire. Whatever story happens after walking through no one knows. But the journey to this fantastical place is a story in itself. Characters experience their travels to this magical in all sorts of different ways, and find a journey that will change them into the person they want to become.

However, their story is not up to them.




Who are they? Where do they come from? What is their motivation to go, and live again? These are the questions you will be answering. Can you create the story of a person or thing by image alone? Can you bring life to the people of Omega?


Will you write their story?



In Omega, there are many things to do. The festival surrounds itself with the involvement of everyone, not just storytellers. The grounds are filled with shops, entertainment and games, all meant for the entertainment of those involved. Music resonates throughout the festival, and leads the participants on a personal journey. Maybe even involve themselves in the story of another, and bask in numerous tales and wonders written by someone else at or for the Festival of Omega.

Behind the shops, there are secrets too. Cryptic messages from the hooded man to lead you on a real life journey to uncover the secrets of the festival. You will have to use your wits and your knowledge to uncover whatever secrets these tents may hold.


What is Omega to you? Why have you taken the journey to these lands, and decided to stay? What story have you written, yearning to share with others? Why do you want to cross through, and become the person you wanted to be rather than the person you are? Maybe these questions cannot be answered. But this is why you have the task to write for someone else, and be someone else’s reason for passing over. How will you write their story?


What is their journey to the Omega?

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